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Canada Immigration - No more Express Entry?!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Recently, a news article about the temporary suspension of express entry selection was published through media outlet.

First of all, there has been no offical announcement from IRCC yet, but accourding to the news, an internal IRCC memo obtained through the ‘Access to information act’ Request was made public, and the memo contained Express Entry related contents.

It’s not an official announcment from IRCC, but we recommend you to prepare to respond if the EE is really stopped.

According to the news articel, the IRCC internal memo appears to have been written in November 2021 and Canada’s immigration priorities have changed significantly.

Let’s take a look at the notes with 5 major EE updates.

  1. The FHS addmission target could be significantly reduced by more than 50%.

  2. No new FHS intake is required for at least first half of 2022.

  3. The FHS processing time is expected to rise to 36 month throughout 2022. (Currently 20.6 month)

  4. When the EE lottery re-excuted, it is expcted that lottery will be drawn a high score level with CRS cutoff of 500 points or more for about 6 month.

  5. In this case, all FHS intake (FSW CEC and FST) paused would be maintained while continuing with PNP invitation.

For the applicants who are currently thinking of applying only for Express entry are recommended to check if they are eligible or PNP condition and to consult with an im expert.

CIC AUSTRALIA has been guided many families to CANADA and USA successfully.

For more info, please contact CIC Australia.


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